We’re experts at delivering the right person at the right time.


Success like this doesn’t just come from hard work.  It requires an in-depth knowledge of the IT marketplace and an understanding of a company’s needs, both technical and organizational. Knowing where an organization is today as well as where they’re heading, we’re positioned to open the eyes and ears of the best and brightest to an opportunity that’s even greater than their own.  By determining the needs and goals of both company and client, we are able to align the direction and successfully gain their commitment.


A proven track record of over 30 years and thousands of searches.  Experienced Recruiters delivering exceptional results.


“I’ve engaged Dan multiple times over the last 15 years with great success.  He has deep knowledge of how skills and positions align in organizations from mid-size to fortune 500. He has great instincts for both skill and personality fit and finding the right person to be successful in a position.  I value Dan’s opinion when contemplating creating a new position, or filling a vacation spot.  He digs in to understand the details and does not waste time with trial balloons or warm bodies.”

– Michael Gunter, Chief Operations Officer