Who we are: A quick take on where we came from and how we work with our client candidates and client companies.


Thank You Letter: An example of the message that you as an interested candidate need to be sending back to the prospective employer.


Selling Yourself Over the Telephone: Pointers on how you need to communicate to be at your most effective in bringing across all of your skills and experience.


Standard Interview Questions: The classic interview still preferred by many companies. This list will showcase areas of your experience that you’ll need to be prepared to discuss in detail.


“Over the past five years LFG has reached out to Martineau Recruiting to fill many critical positions.  Martineau helps us parse through candidates, and focus on a smaller set of pre-qualified candidates that not only align with our technical and business requirements, but also are a good cultural fit with our company.”

-Scott Roth, VP, Digital Execution, LFG


“I appreciate Martineau Recruiting’s ability to not only understand the technical requirements of the candidates; but more importantly, the potential fit of that individual within our team.   As an organization focused on an Agile process, the ability of a candidate to work on a team and mesh well with our IT culture are critical to landing a successful candidate.  Martineau consistently brings us the best candidates with the overall best fit for our team.”

-Rick J. Jamison, Director, Application Development, Center for Creative Leadership


Sample Resignation Letter: This will provide you with the basic format in which to structure your resignation letter.


Verbal Resignation: In conjunction with the “Conducting your resignation meeting” this will provide you with the subtle ways in which to showcase your decision and commitment to moving on with your career while not burning any bridges.


Conducting Your Resignation Meeting: Many people are apprehensive about giving notice but after reviewing this it will provide you with a road map to a professional transition out the door.


Beware of the Counter Offer: Everyone’s situation is different, but this provides you with some topics that you’ll want to address if you are presented with a counter offer.