MRT provides retainer search services when our clients place the highest priority on the position they are looking to fill and acquiring the pinnacle of talent is an absolute. The client signs a Retained Search Agreement that guarantees exclusivity and payment of the entire fee for recruiting services provided. The fee payment is made in three installments. The first payment is due up-front, the second due after presentation of the short list of candidates and the final payment upon successful completion of the interview process.


This is an exclusive search relationship where MRT provides 100% of the assigned recruiters time to a) conduct the full search (see MRT Retained Search Process) b) qualify, drill-down and assess the talent c) present a slate of 5 fully qualified and referenced individuals d) orchestrate the interview and placement process to ensure the hiring decision is not compromised by extraneous variables. This search model is characterized by a strong mutual commitment between the client and MRT. The client has greater control than Contingency or Container models and owns the product of the recruiter’s effort s, i.e. the candidates. The recruiter is not at liberty to present the candidates to other firms until the client either fills the need or releases the candidate indicating no further interest in their candidacy.


This search model is designed for and most effective in conducting high-level Individual Contributor roles (Strategy or Architecture) and Executive Search where settling for “B Players” is unacceptable.


“I found the level of professionalism that both you and the candidates exhibited impressive and I appreciated your quick response.”


— Executive VP & CFO
Lincoln Communications


Container Search combines the best of the retainer with contingency. The client signs an exclusive agreement with MRT (30 to 90 days in duration) and pays a non-refundable engagement fee of one-third the total estimated fee up front.  The remainder of the fee is paid upon successful completion of the search and hiring of the suitable candidate. While the relationship is exclusive between the client and MRT, the payment of the majority of the fee remains contingent upon the recruiter’s performance.


The engagement fee provides a “skin in the game” by the client and effectively captures a larger commitment and greater portion of the recruiter’s time allocation. This ensures a broader and deeper search and subsequently, better talent. MRT provides a slate of 5 candidates all fully qualified for the role and prepared to accept an offer in the range indicated.


This search model works especially well when a search is highly specialized in nature, the client requires greater due diligence than a contingency search can provide or, timing in filling the position is critical.


They are effective at finding qualified, high quality candidates.”


— CIO-Shared Services
Lincoln Financial Group, Inc.


Contingency Search is the core offering of MRT’s direct-hire permanent placement business and the way in which the majority of recruiting assignments are filled. In this model a placement fee is due only upon successful completion of the search.


This is a non-exclusive relationship where the client company engages several search firms and receives a measured investment of recruiting services from each.  Because there is no mutual commitment between the client and the recruiting firms, each recruiter works the job order on a “time/ resources available basis.” Additionally, because this is non-exclusive relationship candidates can and will be presented to more than one client.


This search model works especially well for filling standard roles where talent may be relatively abundant and candidates surfaced during the search effort are able to be placed with other firms for similar roles. This relationship doesn’t lend itself well to more specialized technical roles that require a strong and aggressive drill-down approach or where timing is an issue and a greater sense of urgency required. In those circumstances, an “Exclusive Contingency” search or a “Container Search” should be seriously considered.


“We do business with Martineau Recruiting because they provide us with high quality candidates that greatly reduce the amount of time we spend interviewing.”


— Director of Applications Development RF Micro Devices


While our roots are in the permanent placement business, we’ve successfully provided staff augmentation services (Contract to Perm and long-term Staff Augmentation) since 1994.


Our differentiation isn’t through speed and volume but by approaching your Staffing need in the same way we do permanent recruiting and placement recruiting searches. We Recruit!


Your goal is to secure a resource who you’ll want to transition to a FTE and who’ll ultimately be prepared to accept your offer. This is only successful when we look beyond those Contractors who happen to be between assignments and recruit the talent that is either looking to get out of contracting and into a perm role or, a FTE who is willing to consider Contract to Perm because the role truly aligns with their priorities.


“As a relatively new manager in an IT role, Dan was instrumental in guiding me through the process of recruiting for three open positions I needed to fill in the Business Intelligence space.”


— Director, Enterprise Integration Systems Lincoln Financial Group